Microscope mushroom mycelium

What is Mycology

The study of Fungi & yeasts is a vast landscape for the curious mind. Go under the scope and discover the microcosm world of Mycelium and spores. Microscopic features of fungal anatomy can be a fun and exciting field of study and hobby alike. The biology and taxonomy of fungi are used to identify traditional medicines, food, entheogen, toxicity or infection. The study and focus of fungi for a hobbyist is usually medicinal and gourmet. Which both offer a vast and almost endless amount of information to learn.

As of today over 148,000 species of fungi have been discovered recorded, and documented. Some Mycologists estimate that there are nearly 2.2-3.5 million species on planet earth. Making the Kingdom of Fungi a ocean of discovery for many Mushroom enthusiasts around the world.

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Mycelium mushroom spore


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