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Agar Alchemy - Art of Isolation

Agar Alchemy - Art of Isolation

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Exploration of Agar Alchemy dives into the finer details of raising and training your mycelium through the Art of Isolation.

You will be guided virtually through essential methods and techniques for:

  • Germination

  • Isolation

  • Nutrition

  • Enzymatic productions

  • Overall mycelial fitness

  • Clones / Pheno hunts

  • Sporulation fitness

  • Storage


  • We cover reverts and why this happens. 
  • Dna reversion 
  • Trait reversion and much more

This Class is set to run for 3hrs as we cover these subject matters in detail. All attendees are urged to take notes, and take full advantage of open mic questions sections. 

Our goal and priority is that everyone can benefit from our class and have a great experience learning in a group setting. Classes are held Via ZOOM. Emails are required to purchase, as we will make later communication via email.

This class is intended for the amateur cultivators, some basic knowledge will give you a leg up on understanding the fundamentals of our class. 

These classes are digital classes that can be joined in the comfort of your home 

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